1st real gig with 4FUN at Open Rehearsal

  Monday 5 December 2016

Well, the first real joint gig by the NMBB with the four ladies of 4FUN is now behind us. We had already done a public performance at the Highland Village festival on September 18 2016, but that was considered more as a tryout. Then we played only 5 'Andrew Sisters' songs. Yesterday, 4 December 2016, gave a much better idea of where our partnership can grow to. With the 70's / 80's Lady Marmalade and Valerie from the 4FUN repertoire and A night like this, Summertime and Sway from our own NMBB repertoire that became clear. The audience, present in large numbers, responded very enthusiastically, even perhaps because of the completely new 4FUN outfits. Lady Marmalade was so popular that the audience called out en masse for an "encore".