Sunday 12 June 2016

After a nice conversation on April 25, 2016 about a possible cooperation with the ladies of 4Fun, the first hurdle is taken. 4fun started in 2012 and consists of four not only beautiful, but also very enthusiastic and talented ladies:
Peggy Wilten, Angelique Ancum, Irene Breman and Betty Koudenburg.

With great enthusiasm they sing the stars from heaven! Their repertoire is broad and includes not only pop, soul, easy listening and jazz but also some songs from the Andrew Sisters.

Recently the first five arrangements of their Andrew Sisters repertoire arrived, including Sing Sing Sing, Tico-Tico and We'll Meet Again.

If it all works out well, the first joint appearance will be during the Village festival 2016 in Hoogland in September.

The practice has begun.