New board for the NMBB

  Tuesday 13 February 2018

After 10 years, the chairmanship of Herman van de Ven and the treasurer of Pim Kruithof ended at the General Members' Meeting last Monday. Both had to formally terminate their function after 10 years because they had served the maximum time. For five terms they have satisfactorily fulfilled their duties for the band. In mid-December 2017, Wouter de Gans had already terminated his membership of the band and thus also resigned his position as secretary. It will be clear that, with no more than 18 members in the band that is formally an Association, it is not easy to find succession. This is also a problem in many larger associations. Nevertheless, we have succeeded, albeit not entirely. Hans Verheij takes over the 'hammer' from Herman and Rieks Schreuder becomes the new secretary. Unfortunately, we do not yet have a replacement for Pim, but perhaps there will also be a good solution in the foreseeable future. We wish the new board every success in their new job.