Tank-and-Donate action of petrol station PEUT

  Wednesday 19 September 2018

Thanks to your donations, it goes well with the Tank-and-Schenk campaign of Peut-Kreijne that the NMBB is participating in. Do not you know what this is about? Okay, then we'll explain it again.
1. Tank with a Tank & Schenk participant. In Hoogland that is Peut on the Zevenhuizerstraat.
2. Receive points on the basis of fueled liters. For each fueled liter, you can donate 1 point to a target of your choice.
3. Donate these points to a goal of your choice. At the Tank-and-Schenk terminal at the counter you choose your goal. For example, in the "Local Music" category, the New Manhattan Big Band.
See the current status HERE!

We would like to thank all donors for their donations and continue to donate; for anyone, but preferably of course to us!