4FUN & NMBB on Soesterberg Flight Event

  Tuesday 1 May 2018

The first edition of the Soesterberg Flight Event will take place on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 August 2018 at the NMM.

During this event no less than 4 performances by 4FUN & NMBB.
On Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 August from 12: 00-12: 45 and from 14: 00-14: 45 hours

A Historical Aviation Show with activities in the air (air-side) and on the ground (land-side). The museum part of the former airport Soesterberg, is brought back in the atmosphere of the early years of aviation (circa 1913 until the beginning of the Second World War). Core of the event are the demo-flights of aircrafts from this period. This means that, among others things, replica aircraft will be visible. Roughly, the division can be divided into three themes: World War 1, the period between the WW 1 and WW 2 and the evolution in aviation on the eve of the Second World War. 20 - 25 aircrafts (all relatively small propeller planes) give demonstrations. In addition, there will be a children's playground with activities, a food court and a market.