4FUN & NMBB at opening new pier Oud-Loosdrecht

  Wednesday 16 May 2018

At the start of the construction of the pier in February, it was asked to submit names. The jury made a choice from the many entries.

The pier is named after the Loosdrecht snowboard star Bibian Mentel, who won gold at the Paralympic Winter Games in 2014 and 2018 despite many setbacks. She is also the founder of the Mentelity Foundation, a foundation that children and young adults with physical disabilities get to exercise. With her positive attitude she is a source of inspiration for many and a special inhabitant of Wijdemeren. The construction of the pier is currently progressing steadily and is expected to be completed in May. On June 21 the festive opening will take place with fun activities, including a performance by 4FUN & NMBB.