In memoriam Wijnand Bühre (1943 – 2020)

  Thursday 9 July 2020

To our dismay, we received news that Wijnand Bühre passed away on Friday July 3. This happened after a fall in the hospital where he was admitted for treatment.

He was 1st tenor saxophonist in the NMBB. With his years of experience and a large music library, he has made a major contribution to the NMBB.

In addition, he had an extensive network of musicians and he usually found a substitute if that was necessary for a rehearsal or performance.

In October Wijnand would be a member of the band for 15 years. It will not be easy to replace someone with their involvement. He will live on in our thoughts.

On behalf of his music friends of the NMBB, we wish the family every strength to bear this loss.