Resumption of rehearsals

  Wednesday 24 June 2020

June 15 was the day. After a period of 13 weeks of not rehearsing, we started cautiously resuming rehearsals on June 15. Not with the entire band but, as previously described in a news item, with section rehearsals. Two on a Monday night. The first time the trombones and the rhythm section and on June 22 the saxes and then the trumpets. And then it is a bit awkward to see each other again after so long. Disinfect hands first, do not shake hands, and keep the 'social distance' of 1.5 meters between each other. We entered, as usual, through the main entrance. After the rehearsal, door handles, floor and chairs were cleaned (Remona had taken on that, because it is 'daily practice' in her work). After the rehearsal we had to leave the building through the emergency exit. That way the going and coming musicians didn't have to cross each other. It took some getting used to for everyone. As it stands, we will do this again for the next 2 Mondays. On July 13, we will look forward to a complete band rehearsal for the first time. Not in our own rehearsal room, but in a room 2-3 times larger in Hoogland. There we can easily keep the 1.5 m apart with the whole band (19 people strong). The board is still investigating the options for Monday evenings until the summer break. We are all looking forward to it! The attached photos give an impression of the rehearsal days on June 15 and 22. See under Media / Photos for some photos of those first 4 section rehearsals.