Restart rehearsels in COVID-19 times

  Tuesday 9 June 2020

On Monday June 15 we will carefully start up our rehearsals again. Not integral with the whole band, but with two section rehearsals in one evening. As a result, there are a maximum of 6 or 7 people in the rehearsal building. Maintaining a distance of 2 m between the musicians should be possible. But ... before rehearsing the instruments, and that certainly applies to the wind instruments, must be disinfected and the room cleaned. The same happens before and after the second section of rehearsal. We will have to experience how that works and whether there is still time left to rehearse. We look forward to making music together again, although for the time being only in section rehearsals. When we can rehearse as a complete band remains to be seen, but perhaps that will only be possible after the summer holidays.
Oh yes, rehearsing at a distance (as in the photo) was never an option.
Photo: Kolping's Zonen