Japanese TV in Unifil Museum Gorinchem

  Saturday 15 April 2017

As announced earlier, we will play with 4FUN on 2nd Day of Easter during the Open Day Driving UNIFIL Museum at the Spijksedijk 48 in Gorinchem. We will perform twice that day, namely at 14:45 to 15:15 pm with songs from the Andrew Sisters and from 15:45 to 16:15 hours with disco / soul songs from the 70s and 80s.
Last week we learned that that afternoon a camera crew of a Japanese national television network will be in the UNIFIL Driving Museum in Gorinchem. The program makers take a look at the annual open day of the museum that is run by the foundation "Dorstige Types" (Thirsty Types).
Spokesman Ronald Wentink: "The program makers want to talk to the veterans who come to our open day, what it is like to participate in a peacekeeping mission. The Government of Japan decided last month to withdraw its troops from South Sudan as per May 2017, where they participated in a UN mission. "In Japan, there are strict agreements about participation in UN missions. So basically the country would only participate in missions where agreements have been made between the warring parties to maintain a cease-fire. Until recently, Japanese forces could not use force to support citizens and other UN soldiers when they were involved in the conflict yourself. Wentink: "Japan has, in relation to for example the Netherlands, only little experience in peacekeeping missions. The program makers traced our museum on Facebook and came in contact this way."

So, maybe there is a slight chance that 4FUN and NMBB will appear on National Japanese TV.

During the open day on Easter Monday in the museum at the Spijksedijk there are plenty of activities. The day starts at 10:00.
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