Summer Fusion Festival

  Thursday 27 April 2017

Because Twiga Communicatie exists exactly 10 years in June 2017, Ronald Jas, an former guitarist at the NMBB, liked to organise a party for clients, relations, colleagues, friends and other relationships. What could he do better than what he has done most for the last 10 years in Amersfoort next to his work for Twiga? Give a musical party!

On June 22th, he organises a mini-festival in the Amersfoort beach restaurant Zandfoort aan de Eem; Summer Fusion. Three formations, with whom he has performed over the past few years will be present. A better summary and celebration of the past 10 years was not really possible.

Twiga Communicatie

- Green World Ensemble: gypsy swing and world music
- Paul van den Belt Quintet: earcandy jazz / jazz fusion
- New Manhattan / 4FUN Band: superswinging funk & vocals
- DJ Joris: Dance all night long!

Where, when, what time?
Zandfoort aan de Eem
Eemlaan 100, 3812 ED Amersfoort
June 22, 2017
Starting at 20.30