New series of Open Rehearsels

  Tuesday 27 September 2016

Like the last 2 years, together with Café De Noot in Hoogland (NL), we again organize a series of Open Rehearsals. Last season we proudly presented 4 pupils of the Amersfoort School of Music; two bass guitar players, an altosax player and a singer. As foreseen now, that will not be the case during this series. This season it will be, as in former years, a series of 4 Open Rehearsals. Due to agenda constraints it was not possible to plan all of these Open Rehearsals on the last sundays of September, November, January and March. The planned dates for this season are: October 23rd 2016, December 4th 2016, January 15th 2017 and March 19th 2017; all dates are on a Sunday.
All Open Rehearsals take place from 15:30 - 18:00 hrs.
The adress to be is: Café De Noot, Hamseweg 13, Hoogland
Entry is FREE of charge.
On the photo: Luca Schaap, student singing at the Music School in Amersfoort