New Website Online

  Thursday 20 October 2016

Our new website is finally online. It was about time, because the old site, designed in 2005 with a cosmetic make up in 2010/2011) was not suitable for mobile phones and tablets. That was also the main requirement that the new site had to meet. Early July the first contacts were made with the designer. Early August the first test version was available to do hands-on experience with adding content (text, photos, and videos). The first experiences were excellent. But there were also issues such as the size of photos for the slider on the home page; which must have a specific size and a high resolution. Also, there is no specific environment for the band members; on that we want to consult with the designer if that is possible. Meanwhile, we added it to regular content, such as gigs, news, photos and videos. Now it's finally happened. The new site went online last night (19-10-2016).