27 March 2018

The band is looking for a tenor saxophonist and a drummer,strong text We are looking for someone of advanced level. You must be able to read sheet music. It is important to know that the band is an association. The members pay a contribution of € 25 per month. Our ...

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Confirmation of Chamber of Commerce regarding change of address

  13 March 2018

Well, do we now have such a risk address that the Chamber of Commerce so necessarily had to adjust the data?

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New gig with 4FUN

  15 February 2018

Were you there on 3 December 2017? That great musical and atmospheric afternoon in Café de Noot, Hoogland. On April 8 we will bring you a new gig with 4FUN. However, we have to move to another location, just as for 28 January gig. Then Grand Café Vyssotski in Amersfoort ...

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New board for the NMBB

  13 February 2018

After 10 years, the chairmanship of Herman van de Ven and the treasurer of Pim Kruithof ended at the General Members' Meeting last Monday. Both had to formally terminate their function after 10 years because they had served the maximum time. For five terms they have satisfactorily fulfilled their duties ...

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NMBB goes to Vyssotski

  10 January 2018

Originally an Open Rehearsal was planned elsewhere. Unfortunately, due to circumstances, this could not continue. Looking for another location, Grand Café Vyssotski was prepared to receive us on the 28th of Januari. For us it is a first acquaintance, but Vyssotski has hosted a different big band before. We ...

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  27 November 2017

The band has vacancies on trumpet (4th) and drums. We are looking for candidates of advanced level and with the ability to read sheet music. It is important to know that the band is an association whose members pay a contribution of € 250 per year. Rehearsals are on Monday ...

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Open 'rehearsal' met 4FUN

  31 October 2017

A new chance to experience the progression of the partnership between the NMBB with 4FUN. A partnership that 'exploded' this year. Since the Open Rehearsal a year ago (December 5 2016) we had as many as 7 gigs together. At this time, requests have been received for 8 ...

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NMBB goes to France (2)

  11 July 2017

Our trip to Agde is listed on the French website Together with the Agde Swing Orchestra we will perform two exceptional concerts in Saint Adrien Garden in Servian on July 14 and 16 at 17:00. On July 15, NMBB plays at Vias-Plage at the BOUNTY / NEPTUNE ...

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